Hugues de Schaetzen van Brienen – [FR-NL-EN]

Lawyer specialised in company law, contracts, commercial law, companies in difficulty and associations.

Hugues de Schaetzen van Brienen – cabinet d'avocat Bonhivers – Bruxelles

Meticulous and precise, he is greatly appreciated for the quality of his recommendations and his availability. He provides his clients with his great experience both in terms of advice and litigation.

  • Bachelor of Law, UCL, 1996.
  • Lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 1996.
  • D.E.S.S. (Masters) Vennootschapsrecht, K.U.B., 2001.
  • Cofounder of the Foy – de Schaetzen law firm, 2004.
  • Lawyer at Bonhivers, since 2018