• Cabinet d'avocats d'affaires Bonhivers – Bruxelles
  • Cabinet d'avocats d'affaires Bonhivers – Bruxelles

When two forces unite, their efficiency double.

Isaac Newton

Our team

Lawyers at Bonhivers share the conviction that teamwork and synergy are the driving forces behind careful and intelligent legal analysis and heightened creativity.

The firm offers a high degree of responsiveness with its clients, tailored to its specialisations in various aspects of business law.

Beyond this, the team’s aim is to guarantee an overarching vision so as to offer you high-quality legal assistance at all times.


We respond quickly and pragmatically to your specific needs.

Company Manager

Our responsiveness will meet your expectations. The art of business waits for no man.

Bonhivers lawyers are well-known for their legal creativity in the field of advice, settlements and disputes as well as their responsiveness.

They have acted in Belgium’s most important financial cases over the past 20 years, but most of their business is handled with the utmost discretion.

They guarantee a team approach on a human scale that is global, pragmatic and fully personalised, with a view to long-term collaboration.

Our areas of expertise

Negotiation and settlement

Bonhivers works with you to find the appropriate solution to an emerging dispute and, with its wide-ranging professional experience, will be able to serve you in these matters.

Tax law

Bonhivers can advise you on personal income tax, corporation tax, VAT, registration and inheritance tax.

Company law

Bonhivers will work with you to resolve or prevent conflicts that may arise in the context of a business or a business takeover.

A philosophy

The art of business waits for no man.

Specialists in the handling and resolution of conflicts or disputes, Bonhivers’ lawyers offer a high-end service with a view to building a long-term relationship based on trust.

They can intervene in a crisis situation, during an emerging conflict or a problematic negotiation. With complete transparency in the development of the strategy to be adopted and a highly personalised approach, they also comprehensively support and guide their clients in the management of their daily affairs.

Bonhivers lawyers consistently prove their refined legal competence. They are renowned for the responsiveness of their interventions and the innovative nature of the solutions they advise.


We work with you to find the innovative legal solution. In this context, we also manage all risks in a targeted manner.


We see things through to their conclusion, and it is in that frame of mind that we use our legal resources to serve your business and your interests.