Cyrille Barette – [FR-NL-EN]

Lawyer specialising in litigation, inheritance and property rights law, real estate and leasing and financial criminal law.

Cyrille Barette – cabinet d'avocat Bonhivers – Bruxelles

Thanks to his extensive experience in court procedures and pleading, he is able to assist and counsel clients before the courts.

His knowledge of the field means he can provide his clients with practical and effective solutions in the situations they encounter.

A rigorous individual, he makes it a point to provide all clients with a responsive, high-level and fully personal service based on long-term mutual trust.

  • Bachelor of Law, UCL, 1994.
  • Lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 1994.
  • Lawyer at the Modrikamen law firm, 2002.
  • Law partner at the Modrikamen law firm, 2004.
  • Founder and law partner at Bonhivers, since 2011.