He who wants to do great things must think carefully about the details.

Paul Valéry

Our areas of expertise

Conflict resolution


You are unique. Taking your specific situation into account is essential in demonstrating finesse and legal creativity and in protecting your interests. Bonhivers Law Firm advises you pragmatically and in a fully personalised manner.

Negotiation and Settlements

Bonhivers works with you to find the appropriate solution to an emerging dispute and, with its many years of professional experience, it will be able to help you in these matters.

Legal Proceedings

Bonhivers Law Firm actively intervenes and assists you in the context of legal proceedings. We guarantee fast, efficient action in court when legal proceedings have become unavoidable.

The highly personalised handling of your cases offers you total transparency in the development of the strategies to adopt in the management of your affairs, as well as in crisis situations. We do this in all areas of law related to your business, whether professional or private: tax, corporate, commercial or banking law, but also criminal financial, property and inheritance law, etc.


Tax Law

We can advise you on personal income tax, corporation tax, VAT, registration and inheritance tax. We can advise you in advance on all these matters in the context of the operations you are planning, the contracts related to them and any disputes with the tax authorities, whether at the administrative or judicial level.

But also…

Financial Criminal Law

Based on our years of experience in criminal cases, we can advise and defend you, regardless of whether you are a victim or the accused.

Company Law

We work alongside you to resolve or prevent conflicts that may arise in the context of a business or a business takeover. The firm’s lawyers have specific experience with shareholder disputes, directors’ liability and the sale of companies.

Property Law and Inheritance

We can assist you in the essential matter of the planning of your estate and we defend your interests in lawsuits relating to this area.

Commercial and Banking Law

We defend you in commercial and/or banking disputes. We are highly specialised in litigation related to portfolio management and investment advice.

Real Estate Law

We can advise and assist you in the drafting of any real estate contract (sale, leases, condominiums, emphyteutic leases, land area division, etc.). We can also defend your interests in these matters before the courts.