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Nedji Caicco – [FR-EN-IT]
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Lawyer specialising in corporate law, tax law and real estate law.

Working at the law firm and member of the Brussels Bar since 2012, this excellent lawyer – brilliant, cheerful and extremely attentive – combines effectiveness with nuance and insight.

She has proven experience in the handling of tax litigation, as well as civil and commercial litigation, notably:

  • In real estate law: she advises and assists clients within the context of real estate transactions, drafting of contracts such as commercial and residential leases, sale/purchase agreements, usufruct, emphyteusis and superficies, etc. She also represents companies and individuals in the context of litigations before the courts and during negotiations.

  • In corporate/company law: she assists clients in the context of negotiations of transactions (business goodwill, acquisition and transfer of companies), drafting cooperation contracts, etc. She also advises clients with regard to the structure of companies (notably shareholder agreements or conflicts between shareholders), she drafts consultations on “commercial contracts” and represents clients in legal proceedings.

  • In tax law: she advises clients on various matters (income tax, corporation tax, registration fees and inheritance tax), she assists them in the event of any dispute with the tax authorities, both in administrative and court proceedings, she helps them to request rulings from the Belgian Ruling Commission in order to secure their operations. She also assists clients in the context of estate planning and the transfer of family businesses.

  • Master’s degree in Law, UCL, 2010.
  • Complementary Master’s degree in Tax Law, UCL, 2011.
  • Publication in the quarterly review of Italian tax law “Rivista trimestriel di diritto tributario” with Mr Jacques Autenne: “Il diritto fiscale Belga alla Luce della conventionne europea dei diritti dell’uomo” (“Belgian tax law in light of the European Convention on Human Rights”).